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Bird Watching at Lands in love Hotel & Resort

Lands in love hotel is situated on 109 hectares in the middle of a hidden valley, surrounded by beautiful tropical cloud forest. At 500 meters elevation on the Caribbean slope of the Tilarán Mountains this is an ideal place for bird watching. There is an intriguing mix of lowland and[…]

Uncover the rich indigenous history of Costa Rica

Visitors to Costa Rica’s northwest Guanacaste region probably don’t realize the area was once a thriving community for the indigenous Chorotega tribe. Indigenous history and traditions maintain a low profile in the Central American country, yet if you look closely they are all around you. Spreading across Costa Rica’s entire northern Pacific zone, Guanacaste, for instance, is[…]

Microclimates in Costa Rica

In a small country it’s possible to feel sweltering heat, to witness torrential rains and to shiver from the cold, all in a one hour ride. For example, while going from Puntarenas to San Ramón, I´ve had to start off by wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, and as I’ve[…]

Costa Rica’s active volcanoes puts on a show.

With Costa Rica’s most famous active volcano – Arenal – behaving quietly for the past three years, tourists to this Central American hotspot are looking elsewhere for exciting fireworks. There are actually six active volcanoes in Costa Rica, and another 61 that are dormant or extinct. For the past 50 years, Arenal[…]

Costa Rica Trivia

Which is the most noted natural resource of Costa Rica? Hydro power. Hydro power is a very important natural resource in Costa Rica. It is abundant and an example is the Represa of Cachi, that produces this kind of energy. What is the highest point in Costa Rica? Cerro Chirripo.[…]