Lands in love


The restaurant serves Israeli, international and local food.
We also prepare special health menu for celiac- gluten free, diabetics, weight watchers, vegans, and any special prescribed diet.

Whoever wishes to cook his own recipes is invited to do so in our kitchen.

We prepare everything with love and care.

mediterranean tortilla

Our breakfast is rich (included in the room rate) and the service is personal and home like.
Tea and coffee are free during the day.

We make our own pastries, chocolate and cheese.
Milk and eggs are provided by our neighbours who raise the animal in proper conditions, soon we will grow our own organic vegetables.

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Hotel Restaurant

Hotel Restaurant

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Lands in love Bar


The Menus

We prepare the food with care and love and want you to enjoy it.
We serve international plates: Israeli, Italian, Japanesse, Thai, Mediterranean, Costa Rican, Mexican and more.
We don’t stick to the menu, we’ll be happy to cook for you other dishes upon request.
Special meals for weight watchers, vegans, diabetics, celiac etc.

Vegetarian Menu

Vegan Menu

What is Glutten?