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Adrenaline in your body – tubing ride

One of our recommendations for ecotourism is tubing where take a tire and  go down floating in the river.

There are two types of tubing, towed tubing which usually take place in a lake or a river and free-floating tubing where you paddle with your hands and often use  webbed gloves to steer.

Towed tubing a ride through the Balsa River in San Carlos with the most experienced guides. Starts from the foot of the river, sometimes it will be slow and relaxing, sometimes will be fast, depending on the river flow.

Tips for tubing:

  1. Only one person rides one
  2. shoes, tennis or water shoes are necessary to prevent injuries caused by bumping intothe rocks.
  3. we recommend to wear shorts or swimsuit
  4. Use sun protection.
  5. No socks, sunglasses, watchesor jewellery.
  6. Do not tie one tire to another; this could withhold the tour across the river.
  7. Do not drink alcoholic beverages, to prevent accidents.
  8. Follow your guide the instructions.
  9. Relax and enjoy!

In some seasons, there are not enough water in the river to tube, so we recommend you other activities like zip lines, horseback riding, hiking, wall climbing or night tours.