Lands in love


Loveat – Restaurant And Coffee Shop

Loveat – a vegetarian restaurant and coffee house located on the main road between San Ramon to Arenal – La Fortuna, designed like a candy with bright colors and sweet painting. This is the right atmosphere to the huge variety of dishes, homemade cakes, sandwiches, empanadas, cookies and lots of[…]

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog

The Red-Eyed Tree Frog (Agalychnis callidryas) is commonly known as the “monkey frog” for its jumping abilities.  It is a relatively small amphibian, measuring no more than eight centimeters. The male is usually about two and a half centimeters smaller than the female. A colorful amphibian, it is most recognizable[…]

Gluten Free Restaurant

People that has special diets and need special food can eat at Lands in love with no fear. Guests with diabetic, allergies or religion restrictions will always find here what to eat, special dishes will be made upon request. Every limitation is an opportunity for us to create and cook[…]

Snakes in Costa Rica

There are 137 Species of Snakes in Costa Rica. There are 22 Venomous Species in Costa Rica, mostly from the Viper family with a few Coral Snakes and the Sea Snake from the Elapid family. 92% of the Snakes in Costa Rica exist between sea level and 4,900 feet (1,500[…]

Painting On Everything‏

At Lands in love we paint flowers on everything: floor, shirts, closets, candles  glasses, plates, placemates, towels, bags, walls, chairs, lamps, carpets, tables and more and more. You are invited to enjoy the beauty. We also paint by order, all the incomes are for saving animal life.

Lands In Love Restaurant

At Lands in love we have a special plate and special setting for every dish. The food is served in a manner that makes our clients “WOW”. We believe that eyes are just as important as the tongue…

Total Sky Lands Commercial Aviation

Among other activities we also operate aviation after market aircraft & engines parts company. We aquire complete airplanes (Boeing Douglas Airbus) and tear them down to parts that we repair and sell serviceable. Over 25 years in the aviation industry we have inventory of airframe,avionics,landing gears,instruments,components and turbine parts: Our[…]

Happy Life For Animals

Abandoned and abused dogs found a nice and cozy home at ” Lands in love” – animal rescue center and pet hotel

The Blue Morpho Peleides Butterfly

One of the spectacular insect you can see in “Lands in love” is the Blue Morpho Butterfly. Here are some few facts about this magnificent creature: Located Blue Morpho Butterflies are located in Central and South America and some parts of Mexico. Diet The Blue Morpho Butterfly will generally eat[…]

Art in Lands in love

All around the hotel there are sculptures of animals made of metal leftovers. A broken umbrella handle is the strem of a flower, a broken pipe is a body of a dog and a metal chain turned into a horse.