Lands in love


Thank you letter

When I planned the trip with my daughter to Costa Rica I realized that it had to be planned by professionals. My experts were found accidently through the internet at “lands in love” web site, a special group of Israelis who runs a place in Costa Rica, I contacted one[…]

מכתב תודה – ישי כהן

כבר בשלבים הראשונים של תכנון הטיול עם בתי בקוסטה ריקה הבנתי שאת הטיול הזה אני צריך לתכנן עם מקצוענים. את המקצוענים שלי מצאתי בדרך מקרה בשיטוט באינטרנט באתר “לנדס אין לאב”, קבוצת ישראלים מיוחדת שמנהלת מקום בקוסטה ריקה,, יצרתי קשר עם אחד מחבורה זו ששמו איתי ויחד בנינו תכנית שתענה[…]

Adventure Shuttle

The best way to get from San Jose to Arenal Volcano. Lands in love adventure center is located between San Jose and Arenal. We took advantage of this fact and started the “adventure shuttle”. We pick up the clients in the morning from San Jose to Lands in love. Once[…]

Our Superman Cable

750 meters long – 80 km/h, the fastest ride in Costa Rica. The Superman cable is one of our adventure center activities among canopy, adventure cables, canyoning, horseback riding, rafting in 3 levels (2-3/4 and 5) and guided trails.

“Pretty Things”

At Lands in love we have a beautiful second and first hand store called “pretty things”. Everything from socks, hats, sleeping bags and magazines to beautiful designers clothes. All the incomes are in favor of our animal rescue center.

Walking Our Dogs At Night

When the guests are going to sleep, the staff walk the 120 dogs that in our Animal Rescue Center. These are our special moments together with our beloved ones.

Rafting Class 5 In Rio La Balsa.

The most extreme rafting tour in Costa Rica for people that have past experience in rafting. Unlike Pacuare (5 hours drive from San Jose) it takes only 1.5 hours to get to La Balsa river.

Our Famous Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fresh, homemade chocolate chip cookies are sold at Lands in love animal friendly zone. All the incomes are for the benefit of the animals of our Rescue Center. It may not look much, but any amount assists to pay the enormous bills for food, vaccines, medical treatments, new accommodation and[…]

The Mediterranean Tortilla

The latest addition to our menu is the Mediterranean Tortilla. A homemade tortilla fried in a little oil covered with tahini, ground meat, chopped tomato & parsley and a sprinkle of spicy green sauce – all vegan. This plate is one more winner just like the happy hamburger, lafa wrap,[…]

Rafa – The Father Of The Monkeys

One of the best tours in Manuel Antonio is the Rafa Monkey Tour. This tour is a cruise to Damas island guided by  Rafa – the “father” of the monkeys – Rafa speaks the monkey language and they all come to the boat with great joy. He treats them as[…]