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Costa Rica enviroment and science

Costa Rica has become one of the worlds-focus points of Science and Environments, due to it geographical and eco-friendly environment. Numerous scientific teams study the interactions among physical, chemical, and biological components of the environment and if necessary, place warning signs up as you see to the left. These studies monitor the quality of the environment, interpret the impact of human actions on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, and develop strategies for restoring ecosystems for climate change, conservation, biodiversity, water quality, and groundwater contamination.  In addition, environmental scientists help planners develop and construct buildings, transportation corridors, and utilities that protect water resources and reflect efficient and beneficial land use.


There are over 200 scientific studies going on in Costa Rica daily, not counting students who travel to such regional as the Andamojo River watershed to study its natural state such as a native plants nursery and fresh water shrimp production facility, which are located there.