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Exercise and relaxation on holiday, for a longer life

Exercise and relaxation on holiday, for a longer life

Several studies have shown that even slight movement leads to a healthier and therefore longer life and you can defeat many problems with conscious relaxation. A vacation in Costa Rica on the beach offers the perfect way to achieve both.

Many people know the feeling rather to sit down comfortably with a glass of wine and a bag of chips on the sofa and watch a movie than to go outside to jog or even to take a walk. Or even to realize a relaxing holiday, for example, in a quiet seaside hotel in Costa Rica. However, the inertia makes you passive and not only leads to obesity and back problems in the long term but can also shorten life. Researchers have found out that even a quarter of an hour of exercise a day can reduce the risk of premature death by 14! So you do not even have to do exercise regularly, a walk, a little work in the garden or playing with the children already is sufficient to increase life expectancy significantly. That should get even the biggest slackers off the couch!

Relaxation for a pain-free life

Furthermore, scientists have found that many health problems, ranging from back problems to heart and circulatory disorders, may be reduced by targeted relaxation. This includes methods such as progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and mindfulness exercises. In these exercises, the patient regains control of his body and can thus break the vicious cycle of pain.

However, those who feel silly doing yoga or similar relaxation practices (especially men seem not to be able to do it), can also seek their individual way to relax. For some, it helps just to close your eyes and listen to music. Others relax while jogging in the park, which again closes the circle to the benefits of movement.

Vacationing in Costa Rica

A perfect way to simultaneously provide movement for the body and relaxation of the soul is a holiday in the nature paradise of Costa Rica. There you have a variety of options, from quiet walks on the beach, swimming and surfing in the sea to extreme sports like Canopying, to move or let of steam. At the same time you can also sunbathe on gorgeous beaches or unwind in hammocks and enjoy doing nothing. But beware: many travelers often find it difficult to really relax because they feel the need to see everything that is possible and they are therefore always on the move, even in their holiday.

Our tip: everything in moderation! Enjoy one day, or several, on which you do absolutely nothing, this way you will enjoy the next trip even more!  By this means you will come back into everyday life safely rested and relaxed and are likely to live longer.