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Uncover the rich indigenous history of Costa Rica

Visitors to Costa Rica’s northwest Guanacaste region probably don’t realize the area was once a thriving community for the indigenous Chorotega tribe. Indigenous history and traditions maintain a low profile in the Central American country, yet if you look closely they are all around you. Spreading across Costa Rica’s entire northern Pacific zone, Guanacaste, for instance, is[…]

Microclimates in Costa Rica

In a small country it’s possible to feel sweltering heat, to witness torrential rains and to shiver from the cold, all in a one hour ride. For example, while going from Puntarenas to San Ramón, I´ve had to start off by wearing shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, and as I’ve[…]


A client recently asked us to create a list of our best “do” and “do not” recommendations before their visit to beautiful Costa Rica. We had a great time making the following list, and since the client loved the suggestions, perhaps you might too. WHEN IN COSTA RICA, DO…

Costa Rica Trivia

Which is the most noted natural resource of Costa Rica? Hydro power. Hydro power is a very important natural resource in Costa Rica. It is abundant and an example is the Represa of Cachi, that produces this kind of energy. What is the highest point in Costa Rica? Cerro Chirripo.[…]

How is the Crime in Costa Rica? Is Costa Rica safe?

Costa Rica does not have anywhere near the crime in the United States and the crime that is here tends to be less violent.  As a visitor, you will always present as a target. Why? Because you are rich! Now you are going to say, “I am not rich!”, but[…]

Traditions in Costa Rica

Costa Ricans, as people in other countries, are caught between old cultural forces and new ones that influence especially its young inhabitants. Ticos as a whole still respect conservative values, but they’re starting to adopt several American cultural traits. Even then, Costa Ricans still possess a unique identity that distinguishes[…]

The Banana Industry in Costa Rica

Thought to be a native plant of tropical Asia, the banana ( platano, banano) was introduced into the Caribbean and then to Central America   and Costa Rica sometime after the Spanish invasion. Costa Rica’s banana industry, recently ousted by tourism as the country’s number one foreign currency earning industry,[…]