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Medical Tourism

Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

More and more North Americans are saying adios to expensive healthcare costs in the United States and Canada and opting to take advantage of comparable medical services in countries like Costa Rica, often at  30 to 80% of the cost. Plus, throw in some recovery time at a relaxing volcanic mud spa[…]

Recovery Centers in Costa Rica

With medical tourism big business in Costa Rica, the number of health-oriented facilities throughout the country is growing in tandem. Whether you’re looking for a secluded place to relax and recover after surgery, a treatment facility for drug or alcohol addiction, or a wellness retreat to honor your body’s physical,[…]

Medical tourism continues to grow in Costa Rica

November 19th, 2012 ( Seven out of 10 private clinics in San Jose provided services to medical tourists last year, and in Guanacaste, 4 out of 10 clinics attended such clients.

Private Hospitals in Costa Rica

Private hospitals are often referred to as private clinics even if they are large. Private clinics are usually newer, flashier and have nicer accommodations. Prices in a private clinic are usually out of reach for the average Costa Rican. Usually only middle to upper income class Costa Ricans are able[…]