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Dorrie N
Dorrie N
A wonderful experience!! We had a wonderful time at Lands in Love! We stayed for one week at the resort, had 3 meals a day at their restaurant (EVERYTHING we ordered was delicious), and we volunteered to help walk dogs in the morning and afternoon. The founders are an incredible, loving, dedicated group of friends whose life mission is to save animals. We highly recommend a trip here!
An amazing family trip to Costa Rica with Lior - Lands in Love Lior Ash planned the trip in Costa Rica for us from start to finish, (right now). We are five family members, including couple three teenagers. Lior prepared for us a rich jurney, full of nature, exciting attractions, beaches and lots of animals and botany. She took care of us from the planning stage and throughout the entire journey. All components of the trip were fully realized and for the best. The hotel rooms, the guides, the transportation and more. We had excellent instructions throughout the trip, slept in good places and had a great time. Lior was available all the time and willing to help or just answer any question we had. She was also open to do some changes according to the weather or to our mood. Lior is part of the Lands in Love community - a magical place that rescues animals and provides a pleasant stay and an excellent food (especially for vegetarians and gluten-free eaters). highly recommend! Many thanks to Lior and the whole team, Gerty family.
diana v
diana v
A Trip to Costa Rica We had a great time in Costa Rica. We have contacted Ms. Lior Esh, and she organized for me and two old boys (24 and 26 years old) a wonderful trip for 10 days. She recommended places to stay and sleep.
Amazing Costa Rica Trip 10 out of 10 to Lior Ash and the Lands in Love team in Costa Rica We recently returned (parents + 3 children - two students and a 15-year-old boy) from a two-week trip to Costa Rica. Awarding a "10 out of 10" doesn't come close to describing how much we all enjoyed this trip, and Lior Esh and the Lands in Love team played a major role in this success. The secret of Lior's magic lies in her willingness to listen to what we wanted, and to anticipate and predict what we didn't even know we wanted. Always three steps ahead of us, she organized and coordinated everything, solved unexpected changes in real time and above all gave us the feeling that she and the lovely team at LANDS IN LOVE were available at all times. She accompanied us with infinite patience, expertise and professionalism from the moment we started talking about the trip until after we landed back home safely. The activities she recommended were great (rainforest tours, guided tours to see animals and crazy flora, trekking around the Arenal volcano, abseiling, canopy (zip-line), hanging bridges, geo-thermal baths, whitewater rafting, whale watching, a night trip to the beach where huge sea turtles lay eggs in the moonlight and much more - lots and lots of amazing experiences. If you are considering visiting this special country, do yourself a big favor and entrust yourself to Lior's planning and execution skills. It is also very worthwhile visiting their LANDS IN LOVE hotel in the Balsa River area, eating at their entirely vegan restaurant run by the lovely Naama (the kids can't stop talking about this meal!) and meeting Alon and the other lovely people who live there.
A beautiful hotel with wholehearted hospitality and great generosity A tastefully dcorated place, many nice corners,in a forest with hiking trail and activities. An excellent servise We felt very quickly at home An excellent vegan restaurant that is worth coming even just for that. Worth to come again
Noa R
Noa R
Amazing place, amazing people ! Incredible gam in the middle of the forest. I was honored to meet this special group of dedicated people. Lior helped us plan our trip, Naama cooked amazing food and others helped us with activities. This place is heaven for both kids, nature lovers and basically any traveler looking for a soulful place. Don’t miss it !!
Canopy fantástico Solo hicimos la actividad de canopy en las instalaciones de este hotel. La actividad es muy completa y los guías (Pedro y Paola) son excelentes. Trabajan con mucha seguridad, amabilidad y te hacen disfrutar al 100% la actividad. Es una combinación de profesionalidad y diversión. Además el entorno es precioso. Por otro lado la comida estaba incluida en la actividad en el comedor del hotel. Estuvo todo delicioso!
Such a lovely and relaxing hotel Me and my boyfriend had an amazing experience staying here. It was so relaxing, surrounded by nature. The hotel is very nice and the rooms are comfortable. The hotel has a vegan restaurant that makes the most delicious dishes you can ever try. If you are a planning a trip to Costa Rica, this is the hotel to stay at.
Arik G
Arik G
Wow experience in Lands in love resort Great resort in the forest, very unique style not just the view but all senses are involved to give you the right experience of being in the nature. I'm not a vegetarian, and the kitchen offers veggie food... I must confess that it's one of the tasty food I ate ever. God bless Naama the Chef of this creation. And Lior Esh that assisted me to plan an unforgettable travel with my daughter over 11 days of exiting routs in the national parks, extreme activities like rafting, kanopy, zip lines, baggies, ATV and jet Ski. Each activity long enough (about 2 hours and more) to raise up your adrenaline. Hotels and resorts that pampered us with nice facilities and great hospitality. Lior not just helped to plan and implement it, she use to take care each day and confirm that everything is going well. I'd never saw such concern and care before. Warm recommend you to be advised by Lior Esh from Lands in love resort. I cannot seal my review before mention the Animal Rescue activities done by Lior and her staff while all incomes from the travel services and the resort are dedicated to help those pure animals that mother nature and human beings have been bad with them.
Miki S
Miki S
אין דברים כאלה!! הגעתי עם הבת שלי (13) שהיתה כאן כבר עם אבא שלה בשנה שעברה ולא הפסיקה לדבר על המקום המיוחד הזה כל השנה. היה ברור שגם השנה בקיץ אנחנו חוזרים. מעבר לכך שהבת שלי מטורפת על חיות ורצתה להתנדב, אני הייתי חייבת לדעת על מה כל ההתלהבות… אני יכולה להשתפך על המקום המענג הזה בלי סוף, אבל יכולה לתמצת את סוד הקסם לאנשים הקסומים שמנהלים אותו. כל כך הרבה אהבה, יושרה, צניעות, אהבת חינם ואוב לב - עוטפים אותך מרגע שאתה מגיע. כולם מסבירי פנים בצורה יוצאת דופן, מבררים מה שלומך? אם טעים לך? נעים לך? אתה זקוק לעזרה כלשהי? כולם מסתכלים לך בעיניים, מפנים לך זמן ומשוחחים באמת! מרגיש כאילו שחזרתי בזמן לתקופת ילדותי בעולם ללא אינטרנט, סלולארים ורדיפת בצע באופן כללי. ממש כמו פעם כשהקשבנו אדם לאדם. אגב, שלא יהיו טעויות, אנחנו מטיילים ותיקים בעולם כולל טיולים רבים במדינות עולם שלישי בעשרות מדינות ובדבר כזה טרם נפגשנו. האוכל מעשה ידיה של נעמה הוא מרקחת נדירה של כשרון צרוף, ברמה של מסעדה יוקרתית במנהטן (שבה אנחנו גרים). זה לא בישול, זו אומנות. ועוד של אוכל טבעוני! (שב 99% מהמקרים שיצא לי לטעום לפני כן היה זוועה). הכל מבריק ומוקפד, אין שום פרט שלא חשבו עליו. בקיצור, אם אתה מטיילים בדרום אמריקה, המקום הזה בעיניי הוא חובה! תפגשו חוויה אנושית נדירה בתוך נוף אלוהי של יערות הגשם ואוכל שממיס את הלב. אם יש גן עדן, הוא נמצא כאן.





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